The TES on-the-job training apps

Bring your training program into the digital age: remove paperwork, build training analytics and bullet-proof your compliance

TES Observation Checklist

Lets trainers to do on‐the-­job skills assessments capturing rich image and video evidence

TES Mobile Apps

TES Attendance

Helps manage your training program, from scheduling and invites, to attendance and more

TES Coach

Assigns coaching tasks to supervisors and managers, making sure trainees get the attention they need

Ensure employee training impacts on-­the‐job performance

TES syncs on-the-job skills assessment data directly to the cloud. Plugging straight into your LMS or LRS, it gives you a link between training data and workplace performance. For the first time, you’ll have undeniable proof that your training delivers results.


Forget about paperwork and compliance headaches

TES collects audio, image, video and geo-location evidence of on-the-job training and assessment - making compliance issues a thing of the past. And you can about forget costly time wasted filling out and collecting paper-based checklists. With TES, you’ll have data available instantly from teams around the country.


Managing classroom training is a breeze

TES gives you the tools to manage your classroom training; making sure attendees always have the latest scheduling information to hand (even when there’s last minute changes). And because attendance data syncs to your LMS and LRS, you can reveal how training attendance is linked to on-the-job performance.


Make good employees great

TES lets you set up, manage and measure your employee coaching program. Making sure coaches follow the plan, and employees get the training and support they need. And by linking on-the-job performance data to your coaching program, you can dynamically assign coaching to employees based on the areas they need help with most.

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xAPI for your LRS.
Here’s all the technical stuff

Device agnostic: TES can be used on your phone, tablet or PC.

Tin Can (xAPI): TES utilises Tin Can so you can send your training data straight into your Learning Record Stores (LRS) for analysis where it can be linked to workplace performance data to other data sets (such as sales) to discover the broader impact training has on business performance

No IT set up: so you can set up your first Observation Checklist in the morning, and roll it out to your team in the afternoon

In the cloud: because TES stores all your training data in the cloud you have real-time access to on-the-job performance and training data in real time, from locations around the country



TES resources to help you train smarter and faster

Bullet-proof Compliance Training

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TES Resources

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What is TES?


TES is a new way of managing, measuring and improving your employee training using technology to make everything faster and easier. The TES platform is a set of mobile and web apps that enable smarter workplace training. Its all built on  cloud technology so you have faster access to more training data than ever before.


What if our trainers and managers aren’t tech savvy?


No problem, our apps have been designed to be simple and intuitive to use (they’re often used without training at all). If your employees can use a smartphone, they can use TES. And as a back up, we have detailed help documentation available to assist.


How hard is TES to set up?


We’ve purposely designed TES to be easy to use. For example, setting up your first assessment can be done in minutes. Plus, because TES is a cloud app, there’s nothing for your IT team to do.


Some of the team don’t have smartphones, can they still use TES?


Yes. Any device that connects to the Internet can use TES. So you can use a PC too.

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